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Global Flooding and Architecture: What Can Venice Teach Us?

We don’t have to look around the world very far to hear about the latest global flooding and architecture catastrophes. Venice has been in the news a ton lately regarding high tides that are causing chaos. Of course, flood-prone locations and cities built below sea-level such as New Orleans and coastal cities such as San […]

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Floating Architecture & BC Boat House Solutions

Living on the water is many peoples’ dream. While floating homes and houseboats may not be a year-round option on Okanagan Lake, many locations in BC support floating architecture communities. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna can help you design your ultimate abode. Tiny Homes & Floating Architecture   The tiny home revolution is on the […]

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Cottage House Design: Retire or Vacation In Style

  Is this the summer you are building your Okanagan lakeside cottage? Take these design concepts into account when creating your custom house plans with ADS. Creating a well thought out plan in terms of layout, design, accessibility, resale value and your carbon footprint go a long way in terms of maximizing your enjoyment and […]

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Architectural Design: Building A Better World Vs. A Better Building

For many decades, architects have concentrated their architectural design on densifying city landscapes with iconic buildings and structures. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna understands the drive to bring balance into our busy lives by creating thriving city networks. Modern architectural designs that flow into the existing landscape and enhance its natural beauty as opposed to […]

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Kelowna Micro Homes & Architecturally Distinct Solutions

What Are Micro Homes? Have you ever wondered how micro homes have become such a worldwide phenomenon? Trying to wrap your head around living in a space similar to the size of a garden shed can be a bit much to initially comprehend.  Imagine, a streamlined, organized space that enables you to simultaneously thrive as […]

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