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What We Do

We offer comprehensive, award-winning architectural services to a wide variety of clients. From land-use planning and award-winning architectural design, to public process administration and construction management, our services are representative of the expertise you can expect from Architecturally Distinct Solutions. Merging our artistic ideals with strict attention to detail, we help you realize your vision on time and on budget.

Our team focuses on functionality and environmental sustainability which means taking advantage of Canada’s close ties to nature in our design process. For commercial projects, we endeavour to integrate your brand essence into our design process, giving your vision that added personal touch. We are proud to have collaboratively designed modern buildings that feature striking visual appeal complimented by their well thought out functionality. The skill attained from designing a variety of project types and sizes transfers to every space we design in that they demonstrate our commitment to thoughtful architecture that can be seen throughout all of our work.

Our completed projects capture our creative spirit with a constant focus aimed on our end goal of recreating our client’s original concept. Whether it is a single-family home, or large commercial space, we are driven by the artistry of architecture, leveraging our abilities to meet the dreams of our clients. Our work speaks for itself, and will continue to do so with each new project we touch.

Kelowna Architecture Firm | Architecturally Distinct Solutions
Kelowna Architecture Firm | Architecturally Distinct Solutions
Kelowna Architecture Firm | Architecturally Distinct Solutions

How It Happens

The ideas shared by our clients are our priority in our design process. Our team then works closely with our clients to bridge visions with sensible, sustainable project concepts that are used to discuss and rework ideas toward the final design. We believe that this kind of collaboration and consultation is essential for the success of every project and we are always excited to offer our expertise in architecture, interior design, and urban planning as an integral part of the integrated design process. With our broad range of specializations, we view design from many angles toward the success of a project. Our creative process ensures that ideas are explored and developed from a variety of perspectives – most importantly, our clients’. We are only satisfied with our work when our clients are satisfied: we help realize dreams.